Bass fishing on Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee Fishing Report – April 2024

For the first part of the year, Lake Oconee was not just stained but the water was muddy throughout. The weather was up and down with clear skies and rain, warm weather and cold weather. But as we moved into April the lake has settled down.

Water clarity is now nicely stained which makes it great for bass fishing. Water temperatures have been in the upper 60's to low 70's, but you can find pockets of both warmer and cooler water.

We have a convergence of a great events for fishing going on now with both a full moon and a shad spawn. As the sun rises, look for shad spawning near rocks and throw a simple, white, willow bladed spinnerbait. My preference has been a two bladed bait with both silver and gold blades.

Depending upon where you are on the lack, the bass are in pre-spawn, post spawn, and spawning modes but I expect most will be spawned out after the full moon. The bass have moved into shallower waters (3-10 feet)

Crankbaits are always effective on Lake Oconee, especially in areas with rocky bottoms, hard clay bottoms, or shell beds.

Personally, I've been doing a lot of fishing with soft plastic minnows either just swimming them on a light jig head or using my forward facing sonar and using a Damiki Rig (also called moping or strolling).  For swimming a minnow I use the Missile Baits Shockwave or in Pearl White or the Reaction Innovations Little Dipper and Big Dipper baits in Bad Shad Green. When strolling I prefer the Damiki Armor Shad.

If you like to fish for catfish, they are everywhere. Cutbait always works, but my son has his own concoction. He will cut chunks of hot dog, then soak them in a mix of red Kool Aid and minced fresh garlic in a container overnight.

Overall, the fishing has been good on both Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair.

When you're in town staying at the hotel and you want a fishing partner I'll be happy to head out on the water with you on your boat or you can rent one of our kayaks and I'll bring my kayak and we'll head out on the water. And don't forget, our Fishing with the GM program start up again at the end of May.