Award Time!

Fishing with the GM – June 17, 2023

It was a great day of fishing at The Lodge on Lake Oconee this past weekend as kids and adults joined us for our Fishing with the GM program.

The action was fast and furious all morning as every participant caught more than one fish! The bluegills and bream were out in force feeding, and one participant even landed a juvenile largemouth bass.

There wasn’t even enough time for the GM to take more than a few casts as we were baiting hooks and removing fish all morning.

At the end of the day the participants each received a certificate of achievement and their families and friends were provides a promo code for 30% off their purchase on the Missile Baits website.


And speaking of Missile Baits, every now and then I take a few minutes during the day to go fish off of our docks and last week I pulled a nice 3 pound largemouth bass out from under our docks with their Shockwave 4.5 swimbait. So if you’re fishing at our hotel and the sun is heating things up just run a swimbait alongside the docks or skip one under the docks and you will usually find a bass hiding under there.

Check our hotel calendar for the next Fishing with the GM event.

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